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Contact Billy Hartnedy at 501-352-4703 or billy@blackmonauctions.com; or Bo Dottley at 501-944-0921 or bo@blackmonauctions.com.

Blackmon Auctions is a different auction company – Because we have remained the same! The principals and values have stayed the same since the early 1900’s. We may sell untold millions of dollars worth of trucks and equipment each year, but your item we are selling next is the most important item to our company.


We have built two yards in order to serve our customers who are close in proximity and/or only have a few items to sell at a time – One just east of Little Rock and one in Muskogee, Oklahoma. At each of these yards we conduct an auction every two months.

REACH 80,000 customers worldwide

We market each of our auctions to a variety of industries and to many regions of the country. We have a customer following that is over 80,000 customers worldwide. We have online bidding at our auctions. Marketing, Company Reputation and Customer Base is the key to any successful auction – Blackmon is one of the best in the world when it comes to this. Billy Hartnedy will market your auction, Bo Brankin will set up your auction and Tom Blackmon, Thomas Blackmon and Billy will be there doing the auctioning!

On Site AuctionS

Our specialty since 1938 has been the On Site Auction. Although many auction companies only want you to bring your items to their yards because it is more profitable for them, we realize the need for us to come to yours – This saves you money in transportation and allows us the opportunity to help you realize the most money for ALL of your items including the small, support items. And people still LOVE to attend an on site auction – You’ve been to them, where the crowd is huge and the bidding is frenzied!

As Tom Blackmon told Thomas Blackmon Jr. and Billy Hartnedy twenty years ago “No matter how many items you sell in a year, that next item belongs to someone – It is our obligation to make it bring all it can!”

If you are considering selling some equipment or having your own auction please contact us – We can answer any and all questions you may have and often put your mind at ease.

Bill Hartnedy – Vice President-National Sales & Auctioneer/Auctioneer


Thomas Blackmon Jr. – President/Auctioneer


a world of customers

Last year, Proxibid delivered over 24,000,000 safe bids and reached over 101,000,000 inventory bids.


Arkansas Auction Complex
425 Blackmon Rd
Lonoke, AR  72086
FAX 501-676-0218

Oklahoma Auction Complex
2801 South 32nd St
Muskogee, OK  74401

Texas Auction Complex
7111 Texas 171
Godley, TX  76044

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