The Backgate Auction

Auction Information

Michael Hinze

FEB 26-MAR 2 19 @ 8AM

Auction Notes

Auction Info
Michael Hinze
February 26 – March 2, 8:00 AM
Stuttgart Municipal Airport, U.S. Highway 63, Stuttgart, AR 72160

Auctioneer’s Notes:  It’s that time of the year again, time for the World Famous Backgate Auction.  Blackmon Auctions welcomes Buyers and Sellers from all over the country for this sale each year.  If you have never been to this five day auction, make plans now to attend and if you are a regular attendee we look forward to seeing you there.

Auction Location:  State Highway 980, Stuttgart, AR  72160. 7 miles north of Stuttgart on Arkansas Highway 63 at the Stuttgart Airport.  

Check In & Inspection:  Check in starts Monday, February 11th.  Hours will be Sunday-Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Please consign & deliver your equipment early.

Equipment may be inspected any day during regular check hours.

Buyer’s Commission:  6% Buyers Commission will be charged on all purchases.  Payment must be made day of auction. Cash, check (new customers must present a letter of reference from your bank) or credit cards.


CIH 7230 MFWD Tractor

Powershift, Quick Hitch, Triple Remotes, 1000 PTO

JD 4840 Tractor

Powershift, 3 Point, 1000 PTO, Dual Remotes, 20.8X38 Duals, Transmission Slips

JD 4850 MFWD Tractor

Powershift, Quick hitch, Dual Remotes, 1000 PTO, 20.8×38 Duals

JD 6420 MFWD Tractor

Cab, AC, Heat, Power Quad, Dual Remotes, 3 Point, 1000 PTO, 3200 Hours, S/N L06420H455972

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JD 4840 Tractor

Powershift, 3 Point, 1000 PTO, Dual Remotes, 20.8X38 Tires

New Holland TS110 MFWD Tractor

Cab, AC, Heat, Shuttle, 3 Point, 540 PTO, Triple Remotes

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JD 4730 Self Propelled Sprayer

Hydrostatic, Guidance System, 800 Gallon Tank, 100′ Hydraulic Fold Boom, 4700 Hours, S/N N04730X008431

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JD S680 Combine

Contour Master, Straw Chopper, Power Tail Board, 35.5L32 Tires, 2200 Separator Hours, 3000 Engine Hours, S/N 1H0S680STC0745725

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JD 625D Header
JD 925 Header
Brent 674 Grain Cart
JD 635D Header
JD 635F Flex Header
Head Hauler Header Trailer
Unverferth Header Trailer
JD S670 Combine

Contour Master, 30.5L32 Tires, Spreader, 1100 Separator Hours, 1600 Engine Hours, S/N 1H0S670SCD0756668

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Melroe 230 Spray Coupe with Trailer

Cab, AC, Hydrostatic, 60′ Hyd. Boom, Foam Marker System, 800 Gallon Tank

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(2) - JD 930D Headers
Brandt GCP1700 Grain Cart

16″ Hydraulic Fold Auger, 30.5LX32 Tires, S/N 396

JD 843 Corn Head
JD 630F Flex Header
Honey Bee 25' Draper Header
EZ trail Header Trailer


2-Great Plains 2700 Solid Stand Drills

3 Pt, 28′, 9″ Spacing, S# GP 1743E, GP 1742E – This drill has new disk openers.

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JD 1520 Drill

3 Pt, 20′, Hydraulic Markers, 10.5″ Spacing, H01520X675304.

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JD 1700 Planter

10 Row, 3 Point, Fertilizer Attachment, Monitor, 30″ Spacing

EZ Trail 3400 Seed Tender

6″ Hyd. Auger, Rollover Tarp, Gas Engine

2 - Great Plains Solid Stand 2020 Grain Drills

3 Pt, 20′, Hydraulic Markers, 8″ Spacing, S# GP-5613B

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Monsoon Twin 12 Row Air Planter

38″ Rows, Stack Bar

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Sunflower 20' 3 Pt Drill

7″ Spacings

Unverferth Seed Tender

 6″ Hyd. Auger, Rollover Tarp, Gas Engine


Fairoaks 8" Camelback Relift Pump

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CIH 4391 Power Unit, Trailer Mounted
CIH P85 Power Unit, Trailer Mounted
Cummins 4 Cyl Turbo Power Unit, Trailer Mounted
JD 4T100 Power Unit Trailer Mounted
CIH 4390 Power Unit, Trailer Mounted
CIH 4391T Power Unit, Trailer Mounted

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Cummins 4 Cyl Power Unit, Trailer Mounted
JD 4D80 Power Unit, Trailer Mounted


3 - Cattle Head Chutes

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Vermeer TM 800 Disc Mower

Pull Type, 9′

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New Holland Hay Rake
Vermeer 554 XL Accu-Tie Round Bale Baler, DCF Wide Pickup

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8 Wheel Hay Tedder
Kuhn 9' Disk Mower

3 Pt


1997 Freightliner Truck Tractor

Cummins Diesel, 10 Speed, Twinscrew on Air, PS, AC, 22.5 Tires on Budds

1995 Volvo Truck Tractor

Cummins Diesel, 9 Speed, Twinscrew on Air, PS, AC, 24.5 Tires o n Budds.

1991 Wilson Hopper Bottom Trailer

40′, 60″ Sides, Rollover Tarp, Spring Suspension, Tandem Axle, 24.5 Tires on Budds

1988 Timpte Hopper Bottom Trailer

42′, 62″ Sides, Rollover Tarp, Tandem Axle, Air Ride Suspension, 24.5 Tires on Budds

Car Hauler Trailer

18′, Tandem Axle, Dovetail with Loading Ramps

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1998 International 9400 Truck Tractor

Cummins Diesel, 10 Speed, Twinscrew on Air, PS, AC, Jake, Cruise, 22.5 Tires on Budds

2006 Ford F350 Van Truck

Gas, Automatic, PS, AC, Dually, Rockport 14′ Bed with Shelves & Swing Out Doors, 300,000 Miles

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1998 CPS Hopper Bottom Trailer

42′, 60″ Sides, Rollover Tarp, Spring Suspension, Tandem Axle, 24.5 Tires on Budds

Gooseneck Trailer

22′, Tandem Axle

750 Gallon Tandem Axle Fuel Trailer


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Bigham Hipper Chopper

3 Pt, 22′, Yetter Hydraulic Markers

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DMI Tigermate Field Cultivator with Harrows
Brandt HR32F Bedder/Roller

3 Point, Hydraulic Fold, Yetter Markers, S/N 324

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Brandt HT32F Bed Conditioner with Baskets

3 Point, Hydraulic Fold, Yetter Markers, S/N 350

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Kelley KMC6530 Resi-Till

30′, Hydraulic Fold, Gauge Wheels, S/N 87090

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Holly Landleveler


Phillips 4305 Rotary Harrow

Hydraulic Fold

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JD HX15 Rotary Cutter

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Great Plains LC-40 12 Row Bedder

38″ Rows, Stack Bar, S/N 64A161

W & A 12 Row Do All

3 Point, Hydraulic Fold

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Bigham 12 Row Bedder

Stack Bar, 40″ Centers, S/N 0507022

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Trusser Poly Pipe Machine


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W&A Levee Disk with Seeder
International 490 Disk

25′, Hyd, Fold

JD 630 Disk

28′, Hyd. Fold

JD 965 6 Bottom Switch Plow

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J D 915 Ripper

3 Pt

Bush Hog

15′ Rotary Cutter, Hyd. Fold

Scott Levee Splitter

3 Pt

Rhino Hyd, Blade, 3 Pt, 8'
JD 960 Field Cultivator

28′, Hyd. Fold

Fairoaks Cleated 18' Stubble Roller

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Redball 420 Sprayer with Bullet Hoods

Hyd. Fold, 300 Gallon Tank

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Pull Type Levee Packer with Seeder
Scott Levee Smoother, 3 Pt
Proctor 10' Hydraulic

Pull Type Kilifer.

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4 - 20' Storage Containers
Eddins FR3-21 Bedder/Roller

3 Point, 8 Row, Yetter Markers, S/N 446

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Krause 4988W Wheel Disk

26′, Hydraulic Fold, 9″ Spacing, S/N 2227

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Scott Landleveler


Fairoaks Landleveler


McFarlane 25' Mounted Harrow

Hydraulic Fold

Bigham Parboil Subsoiler

3 Point

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Fairoaks Kilifer

Pull Type, 10′

Eddins FR3-31F Hipper/Roller

3 Point, Hydraulic Fold, Yetter Markers

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EZ Drop Polypipe Machine
Fairoaks Smooth Drum roller

Hydraulic Fold

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3 Pt Levee Gate Machine
CIH 496 Disk

28′, Hyd. Fold

JD 637 Disk

28′, Hyd. Fold

JD 995 6 Bottom Switch Plow

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JD 995 6 Bottom Switch Plow
Woods 5' Rotary Cutter


Athens 220 Levee Disk

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Adams Stainless Steel Fertilizer Cart
W&A PTO Ditcher

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Woods Backhoe Attachment

3 Pt

Proctor Landleveler

16 x 50

Hula Levee Hog with Hyd. Seeder
1000 Gallon Water Wagon

Transfer Pump with Gas Engine


Arkansas Auction Complex
425 Blackmon Rd
Lonoke, AR  72086
FAX 501-676-0218

Oklahoma Auction Complex
2801 South 32nd St
Muskogee, OK  74401

Texas Auction Complex
7111 Texas 171
Godley, TX  76044

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