October Contractors Auction – “Small Stuff” Day

Auction Information

Billy Hartnedy

Tuesday, Oct. 27 @ 8 AM

Auction Notes

(Note: Tuesday’s Items will NOT be available for Online Bidding)

Auction Schedule:
Tuesday, Oct 27  – “Small Item” Day. Start at 8AM running two auctioneers all day. These items will not be available for online bidding.
Wednesday, Oct 28  – Truck & Trailer Day – Start at 8AM on Truck Parts, Truck Tires and Support Items. At approx 10AM Start selling Pickups and SUVs. Then Big Trucks then Trailers likely around lunch or after.
Thursday, Oct 29  – Equipment Day – Start at 8AM on Support Items, Attachments, Rental Items etc. Likely start selling the “Big Stuff” around 10AM.
Sale order will be available online a few days before the auction.

Blackmon Auction Complex at 425 Blackmon Road, Lonoke, AR  72086
On Interstate 40, 10 miles east of Little Rock, take Exit 169 onto Remington Road. Go south for one mile then the entrance is on the right.

Equipment Delivery & Inspection
Thinking of sending equipment or trucks? Let us Know. Call or email Billy at (501) 352-4703 or billy@blackmonauctions.com
Begin Delivery officially on Monday, October 19   
Hours are Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM and open Saturday, Oct. 24 from 8-Noon
Delivery Deadline – Have all items that will be sold on Tues delivered by NOON on Sat, Oct 24. All other items deliver before Monday, Oct 26 by 4:30.
This will allow us to serve you best!

Auction Format
All items will be available online for your bidding convenience! We encourage online bidding and customers are welcome onsite to bid as well. Our yard is made for social distancing with a lot of acres and fresh air. We will encourage the current guidelines set by the CDC to make this process as safe as possible as we conscientiously get back to some normal auction style.

Auction Schedule
On Tuesday the auction will start at 8AM and likely run two auctioneers each day. THESE Tuesday ITEMS will NOT be ONLINE
On Wednesday, Truck & Trailer Day, we will start at 8AM and sell Truck Tires & Truck Parts & Support Items until approx 10. At 10 we will start on pickups and SUVs then work into trucks of all kinds for the next few hours. Mid/Late afternoon we will sell trailers. After the trailers we will sell some non runners and late arrivals. We expect this day to last until about 4PM or later.
On Thursday, Equipment Day, we will begin at 8AM selling Attachments, Compressors, Maybe Manlifts & Forklifts, ATVs and more Support Items. At approx 10-10:30 we will begin selling Big Equipment. We expect this day to last until about 3PM   

There will be a 10% buyer’s premium on the first $2,000 of each item sold BUT only a 2% buyer’s premium on remaining balance. Items must be paid for the day of the auction unless you have made other arrangements in advance with Blackmon Auctions. We accept credit cards, cash, or check with a letter of credit from your bank. If you will be wiring funds, please call for pre-approval.


Arkansas Auction Complex
425 Blackmon Rd
Lonoke, AR  72086
FAX 501-676-0218

Oklahoma Auction Complex
2801 South 32nd St
Muskogee, OK  74401

Texas Auction Complex
7111 Texas 171
Godley, TX  76044

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