Auction Notes

Auctioneers Note: This is the 15th annual NRC Rail Construction & Maintenance Equipment Auction. Each year we have put together a list of some of the best contractor equipment that has been working on the job and sent directly to the auction. This year Blackmon Auctions will host the auction at their yard outside Little Rock, Arkansas. Please make plans to attend even if you are not looking for equipment right now. This is a great chance to network with railroad contractors from across the nation. For more information contact Thomas Blackmon at 501-352-4702.

Equipment Inspection: Anytime Monday through Friday from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. Remember that the bulk of the equipment will be on the yard the week before the auction, so scheduling your inspection closer to sale date will be better.

Host Hotel: Courtyard by Marriott Downtown (521 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR). Discounted room rate will be available until April 11th so book early!

Happy Hour: Happy hour and social will be held at the Courtyard bar from 5:00p.m. until 11:00p.m. (or later?) the night before the auction.

Consignments being accepted up until the day before the auction! Please get me your list as soon as possible to take advantage of the online and email marketing that will be in force until the auction! Send your consignments to

More items being consigned everyday! Please go to for weekly updates. Or follow us on Facebook for updated information and pictures.

Auction Information


APR 26 @ 9AM

Financing Available

Track Tampers

Jackson 6700S production tamper

Jackson 6700S production tamper, S# 153327, 7699 hours, series 6 operating system, machine is ready for work and in very good condition (progress)

Canron Pup Tamper

Canron Pup Tamper, 3171 hours, working machine

Jackson 3300 tamper

Jackson 3300 tamper, s#4A282932, Detroit 4-71, (es)

Spike Drivers

2002 Nordco C spike driver

2002 Nordco C spike driver, s# 41348, recently rebuilt, John Deere diesel (es)

Nordco hydra-spiker 44

Nordco hydra-spiker 44, s# 0002, Detroit diesel, (es)

Ballast Regulators

1986 Fairmont ballast regulator

1986 Fairmont ballast regulator, John Deere diesel, overhauled by JER, s# 1772826 (stacey)

Kershaw 46-2-3 ballast regulator

Kershaw 46-2-3 ballast regulator, s# 4622888, Detroit diesel, Hueys broom (es)

Kershaw 26-3 ballast regulator

Kershaw 26-3 ballast regulator, S# 082990003396, Detroit diesel (es)

Kershaw 26-3-4 ballast regulator

Kershaw 26-3-4 ballast regulator, S# 2613689, Deutz diesel (es)

Tie Pluggers

Racine chemical plugger, Hatz diesel (es)

Racine chemical plugger, Hatz diesel (es)

Anchor Machines

Racine RMC306-2 anchor boxer machine

Racine RMC306-2 anchor boxer machine, S# 25733297, Cummins diesel (es)

Nordco AA anchor remover

Nordco AA anchor remover, s# 670011, Detroit diesel, (es)

Rail Lifters

Nordco B auto lift

Nordco B auto lift, s# 511, Hatz diesel, (es)

Car Movers

1989 Trackmobile SM10000 car mover

1989 Trackmobile SM10000 car mover, 40k tractive effort, positive road wheel, S# 10405 (herzog)

Pettibone 300 car mover

Pettibone 300 car mover, s# 178c, Detroit diesel, 14.00-24 tires, (es)

Speed Swings

2008 Swingmaster 181TC speed swing

2008 Swingmaster 181TC speed swing, S# 2008181TCL0256, Cummins 130hp tier III, 79” tote boom, EROPS, 1512 hours (Herzog)

John Deere 544g speed swing

John Deere 544g speed swing, hyrail, mountain manf speed swing unit s# 87891095, JD s# DW544GD552998, (es)

2002 Pettibone 445E speed swing

2002 Pettibone 445E speed swing, S# 3200, Cummins diesel, 108” tote boom, EROPS, 4720 hours (Herzog)

Pettibone 360 speed swing

Pettibone 360 speed swing, s# 2794, Detroit diesel,

Pettibone 360 speed swing

Pettibone 360 speed swing, S# 2837, Detroit diesel, Hyrail (sovereign)

Pettibone A-3870 speedswing

Pettibone A-3870 speedswing, S# 261, Detroit diesel, Hyrail, front bucket (es)

Pettibone 445-D speed swing

Pettibone 445-D speed swing, S# 2997, Detroit diesel, car coupler (sovereign)

Pettibone 441 speed swing

Pettibone 441 speed swing, Detroit deisel, hyrail (es)


HTT BST-A1-26 material cart

HTT BST-A1-26 material cart, S# 257575, 60k pound capacity (es)

HTT plate plucker

HTT plate plucker, s# na, Hatz diesel, (es)

Kershaw 44-1 cribber

Kershaw 44-1 cribber, S# 442983, Detroit diesel (es)

(2) TEM-2 vertical bolt machines

(2) TEM-2 vertical bolt machines, S# 28595 & 28597 (Herzog)

(2) Racor DD4-MA spike hammer

(2) Racor DD4-MA spike hammer, S# 5202 & 5203 (Herzog)

Excavator mounted tie bundle clamp (stacey)

Excavator mounted tie bundle clamp (stacey)

Dymax excavator mounted undercutter

Dymax excavator mounted undercutter

(4) sets of concrete railroad crossings

(4) sets of concrete railroad crossings

(2) Rail mounted portable toilet, qt forks, hyrail, rail axles, rail carts,

Spike Pullers

Nordco Dual Spike Puller

Nordco Dual Spike Puller, S# 204, Deutz diesel (es)

Dump Carts

Superior DSD5201 aggregate side dump cart

Superior DSD5201 aggregate side dump cart, s# SD01051, rail mounted

1996 Ford L8000 rotary dump truck

1996 Ford L8000 rotary dump truck, Cummins engine, DMF hyrail gear, used January 2018

Tie Cranes

2015 Takeuchi TB260 tie crane

2015 Takeuchi TB260 tie crane, with 2016 Ballast Tool Equipment tie head, S# 126100378, machine is in excellent condition with low hours (hughes)

John Deere TCM-120C tie crane

John Deere TCM-120C tie crane, S# coming soon, John Deere diesel (es)

2008 Ford F750 Welding/Crane Truck

2008 Ford F750 Welding/Crane Truck, Caterpillar engine, Harsco Hyrail, Stellar 5520 crane, 5/10gpm tool circuit, good working condition, 88k miles

RTW 2170 tie crane

RTW 2170 tie crane, S# n/a, Detroit diesel (es)

Knox Kershaw KTC1200

Knox Kershaw KTC1200 tie crane, working machine

Ballast Tampers

Tamper CSC2 ballast tamper

Tamper CSC2 ballast tamper, s# 4481787, Cummins diesel (stacey)

Hyrail Service Trucks

2011 Ford F350 extended cab service truck

2011 Ford F350 extended cab service truck, v8 gas, automatic, 4×4, s# 58341, Hyrail, flatbed with toolboxes, 122k miles (balfour)

2011 Ford F350 extended cab service truck

2011 Ford F350 extended cab service truck, diesel, automatic, Harsco 1500 rail gear, Kapheide 8’ service bed, super single rear tires, 180k miles, S# BEC63509 (Herzog)

2008 Ford F550 service truck

2008 Ford F550 service truck, Powerstroke diesel, auto, crew cab, Hyrail, lift gate (sovereign)

2007 GMC C5500 crew cab service truck

2007 GMC C5500 crew cab service truck, V8 gas engine, automatic, Hyrail, IMT 1015 Auto Crane, S# 509589 (sovereign)

2002 Ford F350 service truck

2002 Ford F350 service truck, diesel, auto transmission, Hyrail, lift gate, hose reel, 159k miles (sovereign)

Rotary Dumps

2007 Sterling rotary dump truck

2007 Sterling rotary dump truck, Cummins diesel, Hendrickson suspension, all new Hyrail and dump bed in 2012, S# AY47620, more pictures and information will be on the website (hughes)

2003 Freightliner rotary dump truck

2003 Freightliner rotary dump truck, automatic, Hyrail, 14’ bed, 117k miles (sovereign)

1998 Volvo WG64F rotary dump truck

1998 Volvo WG64F rotary dump truck, Cummins 330hp engine, Fuller transmission, 20k front, 46k rear, DMF 14’/12yd dump bed, 50k miles, S# XWN864401 (Herzog)

Hyrail Pickup Trucks

2011 Ford F350 crew cab pickup truck

2011 Ford F350 crew cab pickup truck, V8 gas, automatic, 4×4, s# 77524, Hyrail, 139k miles, (balfour)

2011 Ford F250 crew cab pickup truck

2011 Ford F250 crew cab pickup truck, Powerstroke diesel, Harsco 1500 rail gear, 184k miles, S# BEC88166 (herzog)

2004 Ford F350 pickup truck, (sovereign)

2006 Chevrolet 2500 Hyrail pickup

2006 Chevrolet 2500 Hyrail pickup, 6.0l gas engine, hyrail, 4×4

Material Handler Trucks

2003 Sterling LT9513 material handler

2003 Sterling LT9513 material handler, Caterpillar diesel, 18k front, 40k rear, 22’ flatbed, Palfinger PRL250 crane, 18’9” – 27’2” reach, includes grapple and magnet, DMF RW1630 rail gear, remote drive, 78k miles, S# AK69120 (Herzog)

Tie Remover/Inserters

Fairmont Tamper TKO RMC505-B1 tie remover/inserter

Fairmont Tamper TKO RMC505-B1 tie remover/inserter, s# 2K6701, rebuilt in 2014, Caterpillar diesel (es)

Fairmont Tamper TKO tie remover/inserter

Fairmont Tamper TKO tie remover/inserter, s# 628, Detroit diesel (es)

Brush Cutter

Kershaw 32-9 brush cutter

Kershaw 32-9 brush cutter, Detroit diesel, good operating machine (es)

Rail Equipment Trailers

Lawrimore hyrailer equipment trailer

Shopbuilt hyrailer equipment trailer with ramps
2007 Load King lowboy, folding neck, 48’ load deck, tri axle, 40 ton capacity, rail in the deck

Bucket Trucks

2009 Chevrolet C8500 bucket truck

2009 Chevrolet C8500 bucket truck, s# 409446, Isuzu diesel, automatic, hyrail, tandem axle on Hendrickson suspension, Lift-All bucket lift, 41′ height

2009 Chevrolet C8500 bucket truck

2009 Chevrolet C8500 bucket truck, s# 409781, Isuzu diesel, automatic, hyrail, tandem axle on Hendrickson suspension, Lift-All bucket lift, 41′ height

Absentee Items.

Note: There will be a few items that will be sold offsite during at this auction. Online pre-bidding will be available before the auction with the final bidding and sale taking place live during the NRC auction. Please direct any questions to Thomas Blackmon at

Plasser Unimat 08-16/4S, purchased in 2009, Co# ATS-0907, S#3394, 67′ 3″ long, weights 158,000lbs, located in Alfalfa, TX (just outside of El Paso, TX), Buyers is responsible for loading and moving, Contact Thomas Blackmon for more information.


Arkansas Auction Complex
Blackmon Auctions
425 Blackmon Road
Lonoke, Arkansas 72086
FAX 501-676-0218

Oklahoma Auction Complex
Blackmon Auctions
2801 South 32nd Street
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401

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