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Surplus Equipment and Trucks from an Airline and a rental company. Manlifts, Fuel Tankers, Pickups and MORE! Contact Bo Dottley now to add YOUR items!

More coming soon.

Auction Information


JAN 25 @ 9AM

Equipment List

8,000 Gal Fuel Truck - Platform
Bucket Truck
Light Tower S580
Portable Fuel Distribution
Scissor Lift - Wide Deck
Walkie Stacker C74 32813
Air Compressor 125 CFM
Mini Flatbed Truck
Light Tower
AAI Technologies Portable Hydraulic Test Stand 4903-001
AAI Technologies Portable Hydraulic Test Stand 9780-0392 o6262-001
Carrett Airsearch Portable/Towable Heater - Air
Cat LP Forklift - 4,000 lb T400 8EB11088
Chevrolet Fuel Truck
Cheverolet Box Truck Kodiak 1GBG6H1P5NJ103377
Cheverolet Passenger Car Malibu 1G1ZS58F17F120977
Clark Baggage Tugger Skamp GT 3000 o41284 A
Clarkat Tugger CK30 CK30F-130-2176
Cochran - Western Baggage Loader Truck
Coleman Light Tower
Crown Stockpicker
Crown Stockpicker 30SP48TT-S H-16565
Crown ElectriB57:E70c Forklift - 4K Cap 40PE-27-3 W-11039
Cub Cadet Lawn Mower - Rider LT2180
Cummins Engine Towable Generator 5SJ445P23C1 GF251079
FCX Systems Air Condition Unit GSACO75-F-A AO6155
Ford Flat Bed Fuel Truck
Ford Trash Truck 1FDXF82H3DVA44433
Ford Truck Stairs - Airline 60's
Ford 20 Passenger Van E Superduty 1FDXE40S0VHB40547
Ford Box Truck Econoline 1FDKE37F1JHB71443
Ford Pickup F-150
Ford Pickup F350 F35EKHD0148
Ford Truck- no Bed F350 Vin #2FDJF3713HCA7906
Ford Fuel Truck / flatbed F350 Custom F37HRCG0345
Ford Truck F600 F60BVEC0432
Ford Platform Truck GHT9002AMA 2209
Ford Truck with Propane Dist Tank Superduty Vin Last 5 - 36378
Ford ? Flat Bed Truck
Genie 85' Strait Boom S-85 S80-1933
GMC Trash Truck 1GBP7DIY2HV111075
GMC Truck Flatbed 6500
GMC Truck Flatbed Siera 3500 1G0HK34M9DV504059
Grove Scissor Lift - Large Platform
Grove Scissor Lift SM 3088 19606
Grove Scissor Lift SM3088 19600
Grove Scissor Lift - electric SM3088 19604
Hendricson Mfg 10,000 Gal Tanker Truck 100D 14223
Hough Paymover Tug T300 SL 476
Hyster Forklift - 10K
Hyster Forklift - 5500 lb Cap 020 1430 T
Hyster Rackloader
Jeep Cherokee SE Jeep Cherokee 1996 1J4FT28S6TL303686
JLG 20' Single Man Lift 20-VP 2022
JLG 66' Boom Lift 60H+6 O309014582
JLG JLG Lift Pod FS80
KW Dart Truck Co. 8,000 Gal Fuel Truck - Platform 80 RFT Truck Ser #68447
Lansing Bagnall Baggage Tugger TAER4.2 80074808
Lift-a-Lot Lift-a-Lot Scissor
Marklift Scissor Lift
Marklift Scissor Lift - Large Platform
Marklift Scissor Lift - Outriggers
Marklift 42' Boom Lift 42C 4x4 890 M 5006
Marklift 62' Boom Lift 62 187 M 2709
Marklift 62' Boom Lift 62
Marklift Boom Lift 62
Marklift Scissor Lift F-5118 806
Marklift Scissor Lift S19 FT 3849917
Mercury Industrial Tow Tractor 460 74614
Mercury Tugger - Electric 460 64065
Nordco Tarmac Baggage Loader G008-42 5735
Raymond Rider Reach 20-4DR3OTT 20-81-19536
Snorkle Boom Lift ATB - 60AL CO 9101310391
Snorkle Boom Lift TB A 60 RT 889061088
Snorkle 80' Boom Lift TB A 80 R 884320488
Snorkle 80' Boom Lift TB A 80 R 8914850190
Snorkle 60' Boom Lift TB-A60-R 881300488
Sprauge Inet Power Converter Apr-66 15711-3
Sprauge Inet Power Converter May-66 15711-9
Taylor/Dunn Tow Tracktor
Tennant Power Sweeper 275 SE
Yale Forklift - 3000K ERC030ABN48SV07 7 N469001
Yale Forklift GC-303-UAS-085-P M227034

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