Auction Notes

Hiwasse Manufacturing Company is a custom producer of industrial graphics/coatings, trim & decorative products and precision stamping. http://www.hiwassemfg.com/. After two generations in the business they have made the decision to close the doors and sell it all.

Equipment List (Preliminary)

Air Compressor Quincy CM330ACA31SK 88214 Screw Type
Air Compressor Joy TA020T2-4 93278 Screw Type
Batch Oven Mullins Eng. V 41
Batch Oven Mullins Eng. V 142
Sharpener Alfra 150 224-83-10 12
Sharpener MM E52-60 33771
Multi Brush
Single Brush
Spot Spinner Powermatic 1200 67-4321 Stored
Coil Line Peck, Stow & Wilcox 152-K 11/65 Includes decoiler, straightener saw
Multi Drill $olberga FENR-7 4302
Roll Coater Fuchs & Lands 0202 Stored
Roll Coater Crated INA NA Stored
Size Coating Oven/Cooler, Continuous, 3 6inc belt,20ft hot zone, 12ft cooling section
Decoiler Air Feed Pressroom Equip, 2 units, stored
Sheet Washer Bilco W09583 w/5ftX30 discharge conveyor 116
2004 Sheet Washer Miller GW486FI 84101
Air Dryer Quality Air P0124-60 031/15661/19
Print Press Thieme 3020L L3200874 71
2008 Print Press Thieme 3020H H320038518
Roll Coater Black Bros. 22D1650 151588
Screen Press Research Eng. BR 24A369
Screen Press slider
Screen Press M&M Research R-Husky 55-302
Pressure Wash System Custom, Hood, pump, sprayer
Vacuum Frame Colight 4760DSS 7114340
Light System Nuare 3K-LD, LD-J86-00 2
Roll Coater Wagner Stored
Oven/Cooler Cincinnati 63610DF 1163294 Continuous,3 6inc belt,36ft hotzone,14ft cooling section
Oven/Cooler, Continuous,3 6inc belt,30ft hot zone, 15ft. cooling section
Oven/Cooler Black Body P46000 10190 Continuous, 36inc belt,35ft hot zone,18ft cooling section
UV Oven 2009 Ashdee UV6403 9365170
Infared Oven
Shear 1989 Spartanics WLIII 229 36inc
Shear Spartanics WLII 104 Stored, 36inc
Lamintator Custom l34 NA Duplexed
Shear Whitney Jensen 36161717 63 36 inch
Shear 1964 Peck Stow 137-L JUN-64 36 inch
Shear Wysong 1636 F03-1078 36 inch
Shear Wysong 1636 F03-1428 36 inch
Shear Niagra BL8, 8 Ft
Laminator Custom

Air Compressors

Air Compressor

2016 Quincy QGD30FF Screw

Air Compressor

Joy TA020T2-4 Screw Type

Air Compressor

Quincy CM330A Screw Type

Air Dryer

Quality Air P0124-60 S#031/15661/19


2008 Forklift

Toyota l7FGCU45-BCS, LP Gas


1998 Toyota 5FBCU20 – Electric


Nissan 3-Wheel Electric


Coil Line

Peck, Stow & Wilcox 152-K 11/65
Includes decoiler, straightener saw


Plessey PR2400M3 w/feed table



Oven/Cooler Black Body, P46000, Continuous, 36” belt, 35’ hot zone, 18’ cooling section


Oven/Cooler – Cincinnati 63610DF, Continuous, 36” belt, 36’ hot zone, 14’ Cooling section


Oven/Coolers/Size Coating – Cont, 36” belt,
– (1) w/30’ hot zone & 14’ Cooling section
– (1) w/20’ hot zone, 12’ cooling section

Mullins Engineering Batch Ovens
Infrered Ovens

Band Saws

Band Saw

Band Saw – Kyser Johnson R #1634, Horizontal

Band Saw

Band Saw – Richards – Vertical

Press Brakes

48 Inch
Chicago 1314 S#LW1984
Dreis Krump SL-10 S#L-1684
36 Inch - 1/8 inch

Punch Presses

Bliss 6DH20-54 S#12318, 135 ton
Bliss S2-150-84-42 - 150 ton
Bliss 153-C - 90 Ton
Bliss 104 S#152344 - 50 ton
Bliss 2675B - 75 ton
Bliss 104 - 50 ton
Bliss C45, H56177H/P44041-45T
Clearing S2-150-60-36 - 150 ton
(5) Rouselle 2Fs - 15 tons
Rouselle 6B - 75 ton
Rouselle 3F - 45 ton
St. Lawrence - 200 ton
Thunderbay 175T
Toledo 202C - 50 ton
Walsh - l55 ton & 100-Ton
Warco 200 ton & 50 ton

More Machinery

Wagner Roll Coater
Alfra Sharpener
Screen Presses
Peck Stow 137L 36” Shear
Spartanics WLIII 36” Shear
Niagra BL8 8’ Shear
Whitney Jensen 6” Shear
Wysong 36” Shear
Miller GW486FI Sheet Washer
Covel 12” Table Surface Grinder
Freeport SGS-618 18” Table Surface Grinder
Kikinda URB550A 24” Table Surface Grinder
1998 Enco 100-1588 Vertical Lathe
Bridgeport 116072 Vertical Mill
M & R EL4810R-3 Gas Fired Dryer


Remember – 70 Years in Business – Custom producer of industrial graphic, trim & decorative products. Supported requirements of (OEMs) in the appliance, home electronics & related industries – graphic panels, inlays, metal trim, overlays, fascias, tags, labels & nameplates. Flatbed screenprinting, solid color & graphic detail custom stamping & finishing

Carts, Tables, Hand Tools, Electric Tools,
Specialized Tools – Chroma Meters and More,
A-Frame w/Hoist, Forklift Dumpsters, ALU- MINUM Frames, Screen Machines, Scales,
Light Tables, Fans, Shelving, Pallet Rack, Cab- inets, RACKS, Bolt Bins, CARTS, Parts, Elec- trical, Shop Tables, Vises, Drill Bits, Reamers,
Machine Vises, Magnetic Drill, Toolboxes,
Picnic Tables, Wash Tables, Rolling Racks,
Tooling, Steel, MORE!! Over 600 LOTS!


Arkansas Auction Complex
Blackmon Auctions
425 Blackmon Road
Lonoke, Arkansas 72086
FAX 501-676-0218

Oklahoma Auction Complex
Blackmon Auctions
2801 South 32nd Street
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401