Copeland’s Restaurant Little Rock Equipment Auction

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John Doss

Thursday, Aug. 20 @ 8 AM

Auction Notes

Online Only

This online restaurant equipment auction contains items from Copeland’s of New Orleans in Little Rock, AR. This was a working, well-established and -maintained restaurant and is selling ALL contents online through ProxibidContact John Doss at (501) 584-4410 for more information or to schedule an inspection.

Vulcan Double Gas Convection Ovens, Vulcan 6-Burner Gas Range, 10-Burner Montague Gas Range, Duke Double Oven
Continental Prep Refrigerators, True Worktop Freezer
APW Wyatt & Nemco Food Warmers
Hoshizaki Ice Machines
3-Bay Sink & Dishwasher
Bar Equipment & Under-Counter Refrigerators, Lockable Liquor Cages
Storage Racks, Dishware, Glassware, Cookware, Smallware, Flatware, Barware, Banquet Ware
Dining Tables/Chairs, Bar Tables/Stools, Stainless Prep Tables
Sound System by Klipsch & QSC, Honeywell Camera System

Copeland’s of New Orleans
2602 South Shackleford Road
Little Rock, AR  72205

From Interstate 430, take Exit 5 for (Shackleford/Kanis Road) and head south on Shackleford Road for about half a mile. The pickup location is located behind BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse in the Shackleford Crossings shopping center.

Online Bidding Only
This is an online only auction! Bidding will be available on Proxibid from Thursday, Aug. 13 through Thursday, Aug. 20. Lot #1 will end at 8 AM on Thursday, Aug. 20 and each lot from there on will close two (2) minutes later. Register early here. Contact Doug Tyree at (501) 650-4188 or with any questions regarding the online bidding process.

Items can be inspected from 9 AM to 4 PM the day before the start of the auction on Wednesday, Aug. 12.

There will be a 14% buyer’s premium on all items purchased. No sales tax. Items must be paid for the day of the auction unless you have made other arrangements in advance with Blackmon Auctions. We accept credit cards, cash, or check with a letter of credit from your bank. If you will be wiring funds, please call for pre-approval.

The restaurant will be open to remove your purchases weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM and Saturday, Aug. 22 from 8 AM to 12 PM. All items must be removed by 5 PM on Thursday, Aug. 27. There is no forklift or loading dock onsite. Buyers are responsible for loadout.

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Kitchen Equipment

AirGas CO2 Storage Tank
Robot Coupe MP350 Turbo Immersion Blender
42 x 26 Stainless Table
Cleveland 12 Gallon Kettles (2)
SS Kettle Tables (2)
Castle 2-Burner Stock Pot Stove
Vulcan 6-Burner Prep Range
Dean Single Steam Table
Duke Double Prep Oven
SS Mixer Table

2 level w/ shelves

Uline M190 Heat Sealer
Globe SP20 Mixer

1/2 HP

Continental 27" Sandwich Table

Single door

Monatgue Grizzley Saute Range


Vulcan Salamander RB36 Overhead Broiler
4-Drawer Low Fridge
Frymaster HD360GNCS 3-Bay Deep Fryer
Delfield 18672PTMP Refrig Pizza Table

72″ 2-Drawer

Nemco 6055A Food Warmer

Electric potable

Nemco 6055A Food Warmer

Electric potable

36" SS Table
Delfield 18672PTMP Refrig Pizza Table

72″ 2-Drawer

Delfield D4427N Refrig Sandwich Prep Table
Continental SW27 27" Refrig Sandwich Prep Table
TRUE TWT27F 28" Work Top Freezer
SS 36" Table
Continental 2R Large Upright Refrig Unit
TRUE TUC-27 Refrigeration Unit
Curtis CBS10097 Coffee Maker
APW Wyatt FTR-4 Food Warmer
Amana RCS10TS Commercial Microwave
Continental SW60 60" Refrig Prep Table
Nemco 6055A Food Warmer
Amana RCS10TS Commercial Microwave
Nemco 6055A Food Warmer
Nemco 6055A Food Warmer
Continental SW60 24M 60" Refrig Prep Table
Randall 900k-7 60" Refrig Prep Table
NSF D048832 Steamer
Vulcan Double Oven
Montague Legend C36 Steak Broiler
Vulcan Charbroiler VCCB36 Grill
Wolf ASA48 Griddle
Artic Air 50" Refrig Base Unit


Vulcan 1024 Cheese Melter
SS Broiler Table

36″ low

6' SS Table (2)
5' SS Table (5)
SS Drink Station

10 ft w/ shelving

5' SS Prep Table (2)
4' SS Prep Table (2)
6' SS Prep Table
Robot Coupe R4N Food Processor
Robot Coupe CL50 Food Processor
Vollrath SLP300 Slicer
SS 100" 3-Tank Sink
SS 60" Single Tank Sink
Follet LSG2650 Large Ice Bin
Hoshizaki KM1340 Ice Machine
Halo Heat AltoShaam Heated Cabinet
CookShack 860 Commercial Electric Smoker

Kitchen Storage Equipment

Speed Thaw Racks (3)

Stainless Steel, 18 Shelves

Storage Shelf Racks

Large Stainless Steel (5)
Med Stainless Steel – 1/2 Large (7)
Green (1)
Beer Cooler (2)
Small Stainless Steel – 1/2 Med (1)

Lockable Liquor Cage

Green, 2-Open Out Doors, 4 Wheels
3 ft. 11′ W x 5 ft 2″ L

Storage Shelves (2)

Metal, Silver (Dry Storage)

Rolling Chef Cart (2)

2 Tier/Rubbermade

Kitchen Smallware

Stainless Steel .5 oz Ladle (16)
Stainless Steel 1 oz Ladle (39)
Stainless Steel 1.5 oz Ladle (6)
Stainless Steel 2 oz Ladle (23)
Stainless Steel 3 oz Ladle (16)
Stainless Steel 4 oz Ladle (9)
Stainless Steel 6 oz Ladle (5)
Stainless Steel 24 oz Ladle (2)
Stainless Steel Banquet Gravy Ladle (3)
Stainless Steel Serated Gravy Ladle (3)
Stainless Steel Banquet Ladle (5)
Stainless Steel Std. Whisk (4)
Stainless Steel Large Whisk (4)
Rubber Spatula - Red (12)
Stainless Steel Seafood Spatula (3)
Stainless Steel Standard Tongs (4)
Poultry Tongs - Yellow (2)
Stainless Steel Salad Tongs - Serving (13)
Stainless Steel Banquet Tongs - Serving (20)
Stainless Steel Banquet Tongs - Special
Butter Brush - White (6)
Stainless Steel Cheese Grater
Stainless Steel Onion/Produce Peeler (3)

Black Handle

Stainless Steel Grill Fork (3)

Wood Handle

Stainless Scoops (3)

Wood Handle

Stainless Scoops (14)

Red Handle

Stainless Scoops (20)

Green Handle

Stainless Scoops (6)

Purple Handle

Stainless Scoops (15)

Blue Handle

Stainless Scoops (2)

Grey Handle

Stainless Scoops

Black Handle

Stainless Scoops (2)

Pink Handle

Stainless Scoops (3)

Yellow Handle

Stainless Steel Banquet Scoops (2)

Black Handle

Stainless Steel Banquet Scoops

Red Handle

Stainless Steel Banquet Scoops

Beige Handle

Stainless Steel Banquet Scoops


Medium Mixing Bowl (4)
Large Mixing Bowl (6)
Shallow Deep Mixing Bowl (6)
Large Strainer Bowl (4)
Stainless Steel Fry Basket Tool (10)
4 oz White Ramekin (70)
Round Steak Plates (45)
Stainless Steel Cheesecake Crust Pan (8)
Stainless Steel Ice Scoops (3)
Stainless Steel Water/Tea Pitcher (12)
Stainless Steel Flour Shaker Pan
Stainless Steel Flour Shaker Cone
3 Liter Plastic Cambro (12)
6 Liter Plastic Cambro (15)
Prep Gallon Water Pitcher (3)

1 Gallon

Small Banquet Salad Bowls (10)

Clear, Plastic

Large Banquet Salad Bowls

Clear, Plastic

1 Gallon Blender Pitcher
Stainless Steel Hot Hold Cambro
Stainless Steel Cold Hold Cambro
32 oz Scales (2)
20 oz Scales
50 lb Scales
Stainless Steel Pasta Steam Baskets (4)

Yellow Handle

Stainless Steel Tea Urns (6)

5 Gallon

Stainless Steel Industrial Coffee Maker (2)
Plastic Coffee Dispenser (3)


Medium Sheet Tray (42)
Large Sheet Tray (48)
Stainless Steel Hotel Pan

4″ – Large (32)
Standard – Medium (21)

Green Cutting Boards (3)
White Cutting Boards (3)
Yellow Cutting Boards (2)
White Med Cutting Boards (2)
Wood Cutting Boards (2)
Stainless Steel Full Pan (10)
Stainless Steel .5 Pan (17)
Stainless Steel Full Drain Pan (2)
Stainless Steel .5 Drain Pan (3)
Stainless 1/9 Pan (42)
Stainless 1/6 Pan (92)
Stainless 1/6 Shallow Pan (61)
Stainless 1/4 Pan (21)
Stainless 1/4 Shallow Pan (11)
Plastic 1/6 Pan (38)
Plastic 1/2 Pan (6)
Pan (10)
Full Plastic Shallow Pan (7)
Full Plastic Shallow Pan Lids (8)
Lexan Full Plastic Pan (6)
Lexan Full Plastic Pan Lids (16)
Lexan Deep Full Plastic Pan (2)
Prep Rolling Cambros Pan (6)
Stainless Steel Tomato Dicer

Red Handle

Cozinni Chef Standard Knife (5)

Black Handle

Standard Serrated Knife (6)

Black Handle

Misc Knives (6)
Banquet/Carving (2)

Black Handle

Stainless Steel Medium Fryer Baskets (6)
Stainless Steel Large Fryer Baskets (2)


Stainless Steel Pots

Large Deep (2)
Large (6)
Medium (10)

Stainless Steel Banquet Spoons (17)

Drain (3)

Stainless Steel Small Saute Pans (40)
Stainless Steel Medium Saute Pans (45)
Stainless Steel Large Saute Pans (4)
Stainless Steel XXL/Batch Saute Pans (4)
18" Handcrafted Shrimp Boil Pirogue (6)
Appetizer Plateware (187)
Expresso Saucer Plateware (5)
Bowls Plateware (143)
Pirogue Plateware (123)
Petal Plateware (12)
Small Rectangle 9" Plateware (82)
Med Rectangle 11" Plateware (109)
Large Rectangle 13" Plateware (71)
Square Laboucherie Plateware (8)
Small Pasta Bowl Plateware (139)
Large Pasta Bowl Plateware (88)
Round Banquet Platware
Medium Rectangle Banquet Platware (7)
Large Rectangle Banquet Platware (4)
XXL Rectangle Banquet Platware (2)
Stainless Steel Fry Cans (24)


Harborware Stainless Steel Waffle Maker (2)
Stainless Steel Banquet Chaffer

Long (12)
Round (4)
Round Med (3)

Meat Carving Station (2)

Wood Cutting Board, Heat Lamp

Stainless Steel Heat Lamp
Large Metal Banquet Display Risers (2)


Med Metal Banquet Display Risers (2)


Small Metal Banquet Display Risers (4)


Large Plastic Wicker Baskets (3)
Med Plastic Wicker Baskets (3)
Small Plastic Wicker Baskets
Med Stainless Steel Banquet Bowls (4)
Med Stainless Steel Banquet Crock Pot
Small Banquet Serve Chaffer (3)
Large Banquet Hot Hold Pan (9)


Medium Banquet Hot Hold Pan (3)


Stainless Steel Banquet Cold/Salad Pan (3)
Plastic Banquet Cold/Salad Pan (5)


Small Stainless Steel Banquet Sauce Hold Chaffer (3)
Wood Shrimp Boat Display

Green, 4 ft 3″

Squeeze Bottle

Large 24 oz (3)
Medium 16 oz (3)

Banquet Self-Serve Dressing Ladles (2)

Tan Blue Cheese

Banquet Self-Serve Dressing Ladles (2)

Tan Ranch

Banquet Self-Serve Dressing Ladles (2)

Black Blue Cheese

Banquet Self-Serve Dressing Ladles (2)

Black Italian

Stainless Steel Fork Silverware (472)
Stainless Steel Knife Silverware (372)
Stainless Steel Soup Spoon Silverware (97)
Stainless Steel Table Spoon Silverware (213)

Dining Tables & Chairs

2-Top High Table (8)
4-Top High Table (3)
4-Top Dining Table (35)
2-Top Dining Table (2)
6-Top Dining/Convertible Table (9)
Standard Dining Chair (204)
High Top Dining Chair (31)

Dining Fixtures

Dining & Bar Equipment

TRUE TBB-26 Refrigeration (2)
Continental BB-24 Refrigeration
Continental CGC-37 Refrigeration
4-Tap Beer Tap
Bar Boss Commercial Blender
Stainless Steel Beverage Station
Stainless Steel Beverage Station
Curtis CBS10097 Coffee Maker

Wall Fixtures & Furniture

Banquet Room Mirrors (4)

31 x 65

Iron Mirror

33 x 54

New Orleans Picture Artwork (2)

17.5 x 36

New Orleans Picture Artwork (6)

12 x 11

New Orleans Picture Artwork (12)

11 x 12.5

New Orleans Picture Artwork (3)

30 x 24

New Orleans Picture Artwork

36 x 36

New Orleans Picture Artwork

31 x 39

Mother Of Pearl Wall Art (2)
Waiting Area Mirror

46 x 56

Lobby Sofa
Lobby Chairs (2)

Patio Furniture


Klipsch KLICASW800T Subwoofers Sound System (3)
Klipsch KLICA5245T Full Range Speakers Sound System (12)
Klipsch KLIIC5T Full Range Flush Speakers Sound System (6)
DBX Zone Pro DBXZP640 4-Channel Mixer Sound System
QSC QSCCX204V 4 Zone Amplifier Sound System
Paso PASMUDMA2060 60-Watt Amplifier Sound System
DBX DBXZC1 Remote Volume Control Sound System (3)
LOW100LVCDB Volume Control 100-Watt Sound System
LOW50LVCDB Volume Control 50-Watt Sound System (2)
LOW25LVCDB Volume Control 25-Watt Sound System (4)
Lowell LOWL25328 Wall Mount Rack 16RU Sound System
Bosch 16 Channel DVR Camera System

1 TB Storage

Honeywell Analog Camera System (16)


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