Contractors Truck & Equipment Auction – “Truck & Trailer Day”

Auction Information

Billy Hartnedy

APR 17 @ 8AM

Auction Notes

Wednesday, April 17 – Truck & Trailer Day

  • Selling for AR-DOT, Pilgrims Transportation, Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, Contractors, Rental Companies, , More!

Auction Schedule – These are all estimations. Hope they help!

At 8AM two auctioneers will begin – one selling Truck Tires & one selling Truck Parts

At 9 AM one auctioneer will begin selling ArDOT ITEMS – Pickups, SUVs, Small Trailers, then Big Trucks, Specialized Trucks and More, then Trailers. We ESTIMATE we will be through selling trucks and trailers that are on the yard between 4 and 5.

THEN… we will continue selling trucks and trailers for PILGRIMS PPC TRANSPORTATION which are located all over the east coats and south. We will sell these off slides in a tent at this Lonoke Arkansas location. We guess this will start around 4-5PM or so.

OPEN for DELIVERY on SATURDAY APRIL 13 from 8AM until NOON. Then open again on Monday…
Deliver all items that will sell on TUESDAY by MONDAY BEFORE NOON.

Deliver all items that will sell on WEDNESDAY by TUESDAY BEFORE NOON.
Deliver all items that will sell on THURSDAY by WEDNESDAY BEFORE NOON.

For the best and latest list of Trucks & Trailers in this auction CLICK HERE

Pilgrims Current List w/ Photos

After Clicking the button, “Go To Lot” 7000 to see where the Pilgrims List begins.


Arkansas Auction Complex
425 Blackmon Rd
Lonoke, AR  72086
FAX 501-676-0218

Oklahoma Auction Complex
2801 South 32nd St
Muskogee, OK  74401

Texas Auction Complex
7111 Texas 171
Godley, TX  76044

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