Arkansas-Oklahoma Virtual Contractors Auction

Auction Information

Bo Dottley

Wednesday, May 20 @ 8 AM

Auction Notes

Construction, Rail, Logging, Trucks, Pickups, Trailers, Rental Items, & More!
  • UPRR selling approx 50 BACKHOES located all over the Western half of the US! Rail Contractors selling Rotary Dumps and Gang Trucks and More! Transport & Oilfield Contractors selling Yellow Iron and Trucks & MORE!
  • Our Yard in Lonoke, Arkansas is OPEN FOR DELIVERY NOW. Accepting only items we ordinarily sell on Truck & Trailer Day and Equipment Day (No small item day stuff). Open Mon-Fri 8-5 Each Day and Sat May 16 from 8-Noon!

Given our current circumstances–and the tremendous results and popularity of the online virtual auction–we are having another auction on Wednesday, May 20…Arkansas-Oklahoma Virtual Contractors Auction! Of course, anyone from other states are welcome to participate. We are happy to serve our customers no matter where they are in the world. We know how important it is to have a way to turn trucks and equipment into cash. Our April sale had buyers from all over the world – as far away as Australia!

Before the Auction: Have Something to Sell!
Since it will be an online only auction, there are options! (Due to current circumstances, we not be accepting the typical Day 1 “Small Stuff” items. Only pickups, trucks, trailers, construction/logging/farm equipment, and related items. No cars or little items. We will accept gas/diesel welders and diesel air compressors, big attachments, etc.)

Option #1: Like we have always done, if you want to deliver any of your items to our Arkansas or Oklahoma Auction Complex, just let us know! This will allow us to:

  • Handle the inspections prior to the auction on May 20 and allow customer visits;
  • Make sure the item is running and/or ready for pickup after the auction;
  • Guarantee that the item has been paid for before being picked up;
  • Deal with truck brokers and trucking companies.

All you have to do is let us know what item(s) you intend to send and when you would like to deliver your item(s). When they arrive, we will take photos and videos to market online. We will begin accepting deliveries to our Arkansas Auction Complex in Lonoke on Monday, May 4. Deliveries to our Oklahoma Auction Complex in Muskogee will begin the following week on Wednesday, May 13. Both complexes will be open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Option #2: Since this will be a VIRTUAL ONLINE AUCTION, we can sell your item(s) where they sit right now. Let us know ASAP what you would like to sell and we will schedule a time to come by to get photos and videos of each item and load them online.

Auction Day
Although this online only auction will proceed like our regular live auctions–sell one item then go to the next…The items, regardless of location, will likely be grouped with like-kind items.

After the Auction
If you delivered your item(s) to one of our auction complexes, we will handle everything; but if your item(s) remain at your place we will give the location and your contact information to the buyer and they will schedule pick-up. We will be sure to send them a PAID auction invoice that they will be required to show you to pick-up the item(s).

Reach out TODAY and let us know what you want to sell!

Contact Billy Hartnedy at (501) 352-4703 or; or Bo Do Dottley at (501) 944-0921 or with any questions or to consign your items.


Arkansas Auction Complex
425 Blackmon Rd
Lonoke, AR  72086
FAX 501-676-0218

Oklahoma Auction Complex
2801 South 32nd St
Muskogee, OK  74401

Texas Auction Complex
7111 Texas 171
Godley, TX  76044

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