April Contractors Auction – Truck & Trailer Day

Auction Information

Billy Hartnedy

Wednesday, April 15 @ 8 AM

Auction Notes

Truck & Trailer Day

This auction is on! Going to be a big day! Over 100 Trucks and Trailers and Containers and More on our yard already as of April 1!
We will be conducting this as an ONLINE AUCTION – Following CDC Guidelines and staying safe! *We ask that you adhere to all guidelines posted on site & directions from our staff in order to follow these CDC guidelines.*

               – If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call or email! billy@blackmonauctions.com or text or call 501-352-4703

 – EQUIPMENT INSPECTION & DELIVERY: You can inspect items while you are on site – Just please be mindful of CDC Guidelines and thoughtful of those around you. Delivery and Inspection are Mon-Fri 8-5 Each Day and Saturday morning April 11 from 8AM-Noon. Deliver all items by Monday, April 13 evening if possible! You can inspect even on auction day morning.

  – THE AUCTION: Online Format – The auction will be broadcast live – Yes you will hear auctioneers and the auction will proceed just like it would if you were here! You will be bidding from your computer. There will be photos of each item & most likely a video of each item. Bidding will be just like when you are here – Only you click the mouse instead of throw your hand up or nod a bid! You will click on “BID NOW $2,000”. So it will read “BID NOW” and it will have the amount you will ultimately have to pay! You can also enter your max bid and the computer will bid for you.YOU CAN leave absentee bids with us. Inspect the item(s) and leave your max bid via email or write it down and give to our staff.  billy@blackmonauctions.com or 501-352-4703

  – PAYMENT: You will be emailed an invoice at the end of each day. You will also be given options to pay – You can Wire Transfer Money or bring a check or cash to the Lonoke Office by Friday, April 17 evening. You can also pay by credit card. We expect payment the day of or the day after the auction unless prior arrangements have been made.

  – EQUIPMENT REMOVAL – Open Mon-Fri 8-5 Each Day (CLOSED on WEEKENDS). We have loading docks and forklifts.  IF YOU ARE BROKERING A LOAD – Make SURE you send your AUCTION INVOICE with your DRIVER -AND all the pickup information in the email we send you with your invoice – or they will not be allowed to get your item. Please make a valiant effort to pick up all items within two weeks of the auction.

      – Our auction site, 70 Acres, is made for plenty of social distance with 70 Acres and tons of room – During Inspection and Check In we will limit the numbers in our office and ensure there is proper distance. Same will be done on the yard. We ask for your cooperation. 

Terms: The usual Online Bidding Buyers Premium will be discounted for this event (It usually is 14% on first $2,000 of each item and 6% on the balance of each item, but now…). There will be 12% Buyers Premium charged on the first $2,000 of each item and only 4% Buyers Premium charged on the remaining balance of each item

      – And Online Bidding is Easy and Convenient – Here are links to Online Bidding Tutorials and the link to bid Online is below in Yellow
Account registration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnUhnlVpOX0
Register for an auction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpOaJT0O4_gRegister for an auction espanol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6a5USzBFgJc

      – For Questions about this auction, equipment etc. please email Billy with Blackmon Auctions billy@blackmonauctions.com or text or call 501-352-4703
(If you have set up an account at Proxibid in the past and are having trouble logging on to it now please call the Proxibid help line at 877-505-7770)


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