Contractors Truck & Equipment Auction

Auction Information

Billy Hartnedy

APR 16-18 @ 8AM

Auction Notes

This is the one that fills up the yard. Customers WAIT for this auction to gear up for the work season. Somebody out there needs what you got! Help me help you! Let’s advertise your items…

What You Do – 
Let me know what you are sending to this auction!
Call or email as soon as you are ready! 501-352-4703 and
Get stuff ready to deliver and let me know when you’d like to bring items!

What We Do – 
– We spend TONS of Thomas’ money advertising this auction – Mail Flyers, Email Blasts, Web Ads, Online Bidding Ads and MORE.
– We bring buyers from all over the US and Beyond, both onsite and online – Many of who have been coming to our auctions for decades and hundreds of new buyers each auction!
– We have the best auctioneer in the state – and 3 or 4 below average auctioneers – to sell your items! (Please email your nominations for BEST and BELOW AVERAGE to

And Remember –  
– We mail checks 5 business days after the auction!

Items & Photos – Coming Soon


Arkansas Auction Complex
Blackmon Auctions
425 Blackmon Road
Lonoke, Arkansas 72086
FAX 501-676-0218

Oklahoma Auction Complex
Blackmon Auctions
2801 South 32nd Street
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401

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