Our Team

Our Team

Meet the Blackmon Auction Team

Eddie & Ruby Blackmon – As mentioned in the History, Mr. Eddie Blackmon Sr. and his wife, Ruby, are the founders of Blackmon Auctions. Although they have both passed away, we are forever indebted to them for establishing a reputation for honesty, integrity and hard work that lives in this company still today.

Tom & Bonnie Blackmon
Tom and his wife, Bonnie, although they pretend to have semi-retired, are still very involved in the business. Tom & Bonnie took Blackmon Auctions from a well known regional Farm Auction company and built it into a Nationwide Auction Company, being hired for several of the largest auctions conducted throughout the past few decades. Tom is still at most of the auctions and is sure to give Thomas Jr. daily guidance, and Bonnie has her keen eye on all of the business components.

Thomas Blackmon Jr. – President
After spending many years helping, watching and listening to all aspects of the business while growing up, Thomas joined the company full time in 1995 after graduating from University of Arkansas. After “Paying His Dues” setting up many a memorable auction (Tenaha, Texas in August!), Thomas moved into managing all aspects of the Blackmon Auctions. Thomas is auctioning at every auction, is involved in all of the marketing for the auctions, is over everything that happens here at Blackmon, and also specializes in the Railroad and Trucking industries.
Contact Thomas if you are involved in these industries or are planning an auction:

Email Thomas at thomas@blackmonauctions.com
Or Call 501-352-4702

Billy Hartnedy – National Sales
Billy met the Blackmons in 1986 and began his career in the auction business. After graduating from Arizona State University in 1990, Billy came back and started working for Blackmon Auctions full time. Billy started as a ringman, then set up man and eventually moved into the position of Sales. Billy is responsible for marketing and organizing all of the auctions at the Blackmon Auction Complexes (Little Rock & Muskogee) as well as being National Sales Manager and organizing sales all over the country. Billy is the one to contact if you are planning on selling or buying at the Blackmon Auction Complex or if you are planning your own auction.

Email Billy at billy@blackmonauctions.com
Or Call 501-352-4703

Rick Allison - Eastern Sales

Blackmon Auctions has now opened an eastern office!  Based out of Jackson, Tennessee, this office will be run by Rick Allison and he will cover the Alabama/Florida/Tennessee/Kentucky/Mississippi region looking at auctions and building auctions. Rick has many years experience in the equipment industry and an incredible knowledge of equipment values and strengths.  Blackmon Auctions is excited to have him on board and look forward to having him in the "Blackmon Family".  

Email Rick at rick@blackmonauctions.com

Our Mobile Auction Crew

Bo Brankin – Set Up Manager
Bo started with Blackmon in 1991. After owning several successful construction related businesses, he was convinced by Tom Blackmon to come on full time. Tom foresaw the need for someone of Bo’s ability and work ethic at Blackmon Auctions. As Blackmon grew, Bo got busy. Bo sets up almost every auction we conduct and set up one series of auctions (Consolidated Freightways) which consisted of 57 locations, 33 states and roughly 75,000 lots. Bo can do a good job setting up your auction!

Sylvia Nokes
If you’ve been to a Blackmon Auction, you met Sylvia in the mobile office trailer. Sylvia started with Blackmon Auctions in the mid 80’s and has been involved in almost every auction since – That’s close to 1,500 auctions! Sylvia learned the auction business from the ground up. She and her late husband, Smokey, started setting up auctions and Sylvia quickly moved into the office. She knows everything there is to know about Blackmon Auctions and you will see her at the next auction!

Michael Hinze – Sales/Auctioneer

Director of Farm Auction

Principal Broker For Thomas Blackmon Realty

Michael started with Blackmon Auctions in the mid 90’s. Michael is very involved at the Blackmon Auction Complex. He assists in the check in process while also managing many of the titles that come in and assisting customers. Michael spends many days on the road, visiting customers and getting equipment information for auction brochures. Michael is also our resident Farm Equipment expert.

Email Michael at michael@blackmonauctions.com
Or Call 501-352-4709

Kenny Ray McGrew
Kenny Ray is Bo Brankin’s right hand man. Kenny Ray and his Dad have been in the auction business since Kenny was a boy, so he has been around it his entire life. Kenny Ray started with Blackmon Auctions during the Consolidated Freightways auctions and hasn’t slowed down since. Kenny Ray can set up auctions by himself when Bo is not around, assists at the Blackmon Auction Complex and is a good auctioneer.

Joe Waller
"Who gets that big black trailer and the auction truck to all of those auctions when you schedule one in Florida and the next one in Long Island, New York?" Joe, that’s who. After 25 years in the trucking bussiness, Joe joined the Mobile Auction team in 2011 and now makes sure that the mobile office and its crew is everywhere they are supposed to be! Joe is also an important part of the set up process at the Blackmon Auction Complex.

Scott Mirgon
Our newest crew member, Scott joined us in 2006. A graduate of Penn State University, Scott is a welcome member of the crew. His computer experience and other technological experience has come in very handy in this age of computers and during our growth into new auction programs and web sites. You will see Scott the next time you come to a Blackmon Auction as he is at every one assisting in all transactions.

Online Bidding Rep

Doug Tyree

In 2010 Blackmon launched our new online bidding platform at www.proxibid.com/blackmon. Doug Tyree was hired to assist all our online customers in viewing upcoming auction items and bidding live, online.

Email Doug at doug@blackmonauctions.com
Or call 501-650-4188

Our Executive Offices Crew

Sarah Green
Sarah is our Office Manager at our Executive Offices in Little Rock. Although many of you never see her, she is involved in every transaction AFTER it leaves each auction site. Sarah has been taking care of auctions and customers since 1995. Sarah is one of the main reasons Blackmon Auctions is able to do so much and do it professionally.

Email Sarah at sarah@blackmonauctions.com