In 1938 Mr. Eddie Blackmon Sr. had his first auction... Blackmon Auctions starts with its first Agriculture Auction...

Blackmon Auctions, Inc. was established in 1938 by Mr. Eddie Blackmon, Sr. of DeWitt, Arkansas. As a general rule of thumb, auctions and auctioneers from this era primarily conducted livestock and farm equipment auctions. Blackmon was no exception.
Becoming a Household Word for Honesty and Integrity

Blackmon Auctions became a household word throughout the American Farm Belt, from Georgia to Texas, from Minnesota to Louisiana. The business grew, the market expanded, Mr. Blackmon prospered, but many things remained the same; his simple way of life, a strong commitment to God and family, good business ethics, and an absolute dedication to honesty and integrity. His influence and direction are the cornerstone of our business today.

In 1969, Mr. Eddie passed the reins of Blackmon Auctions, Inc. into the hands of his son, Tom. Tom Blackmon has followed in his dad's footsteps and continued having the best Farm Equipment Auctions in the country. The enthusiasm and professionalism that has always been at every Blackmon Auction continues today. Tom computerized all transactions in the early 80's which allowed him to keep track of all of his good farmer customers from all over the country and notify them when there is a farm auction in their part of the country.

As most of you know, The Blackmons started conducting The Backgate Auction in 1949 and it has grown into the largest Farm Equipment Auction in the country lasting 6 days long! That auction attracts thousands of sellers and buyers from over 20 states each year.

Farm Auctions remain close to the Blackmon Auction Heart! The Blackmons are conducting many Farm Auctions each year for customers and families that have been friends and customers of the Blackmons for generations!

Michael Hinze, a retired farmer himself, is our Agricultural Specialist and spends many months each year traveling the delta and beyond staying current with the market, visiting with farmers and dealers across the southwest and booking farm auctions for those who need them.

Although Blackmon Auctions spends part of the year selling equipment from other industries, we still conduct the best Farm Auctions in the country!

Michael Hinze at 501-352-4709 or email Michael at if you are thinking of having an auction!