Blackmon Auctions Established 1938


Blackmon Auctions, Inc. was established in 1938 by Mr. Eddie Blackmon, Sr. of DeWitt, Arkansas. As a general rule of thumb, auctions and auctioneers from this era primarily conducted livestock and farm equipment auctions. Blackmon was no exception..

Becoming a Household Word for Honesty and Integrity


Blackmon Auctions became a household word throughout the American Farm Belt, from Georgia to Texas, from Minnesota to Louisiana. The business grew, the market expanded, Mr. Blackmon prospered, but many things remained the same; his simple way of life, a strong commitment to God and family, good business ethics, and an absolute dedication to honesty and integrity. His influence and direction are the cornerstone of our business today.

In 1969, Mr. Eddie passed the reins of Blackmon Auctions, Inc. into the hands of his son, Tom. Tom Blackmon has led the company into new and exciting fields of endeavor such as construction, forestry, transportation, utilities, mining, industrial plants and the list goes on.

And it will continue on into the twenty first century through the newest addition to our company, Mr. Eddie’s grandson, Thomas Blackmon, Jr. who joined us in 1995 after graduating from the University of Arkansas.


Where We Sell
Blackmon Auctions conducts auctions of all sizes all over the United States
In the past 24 Months we have conducted over 150 Auctions in over 25 states. As close to home as our Auction Complex here in Little Rock and as far away as; Wyoming, Florida, New York, California, Ohio, Louisiana, Kansas, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Oklahoma and More!

What We Sell
Although Blackmon Auctions has grown into one of the largest Equipment Auction Companies in the U.S. we still specialize in doing One Owner, On-Site Auctions for Our Customers, regardless of the size of the auction. Call or email us for details on how we can help you sell your equipment.

We at Blackmon Auctions are experts in Marketing and Auctioning a wide variety of equipment and trucks:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Trucking (ALL Types of Over the Road & Work Trucks)
  • Railroad Maintenance and Locomotive Equipment
  • Logging Equipment
  • Sawmills
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Farm Equipment


The dedication of Thomas Blackmon Jr. and the rest of the Blackmon Crew is to our customers. Large or Small… Whether you need an auction on your yard even though your sale may not seem that big to you or you need a larger auction involving intricate logistics, Blackmon Auctions is dedicated to helping you have the best auction possible.


1938 – Blackmon Auctions is established by Mr. Eddie Blackmon Sr. and His wife, Ruby, in DeWitt, Arkansas.

1938 to 1969 – Blackmon Auctions grows throughout the region under the leadership of Eddie & Ruby Blackmon and eventually with the help of their son, Tom Blackmon. Throughout this time Blackmon Auctions becomes known for its integrity and work ethic while selling Agricultural Equipment throughout the southwest.

1969 – Eddie & Ruby Blackmon hand the reigns of the company over to Tom Blackmon Sr. and his wife, Bonnie.

1970 to 1991 – Tom and Bonnie, while continuing the family tradition in the Farm Auction business, expand the company into Construction, Forestry, Railroad, Industrial Plants, Transportation, Municipalities and beyond. Blackmon Auctions is now operating in many states across the country each year. Blackmon Auctions’ specialty continues to be the One Owner, On-Site Auction in which Blackmon provides a turn key service of marketing, alignment, cataloging, bookkeeping, accounting, an exciting auction and payment the day of auction. Also in

1970 – Tom Blackmon conducts his first Arkansas Contractors’ Auction in Little Rock which is an open consignment auction which eventually serves contractors and dealers from all over the mid south.

1991 - Blackmon Auctions is hired to sell Jones Truck Lines. One of the largest Trucking Auctions in history.

1991 – Billy Hartnedy, a graduate of Arizona State University, is hired by the company as a set up man, salesman and auctioneer. As years pass and his experience grows, Billy is named National Sales Manager and specializes in the construction equipment end of the business.

1992 – Bo Brankin is hired as Auction Set Up Manager. Bo has been in construction and service industries his entire life. Bo proves to be one of the best additions to Blackmon Auctions as the company begins to grow like it never has before.

1993 – Blackmon Auctions is hired to sell St. Johnsbury Trucking. Again, one of the largest Trucking Auctions in history.

1995 - Thomas Blackmon Jr. graduates from the University of Arkansas and joins the family business as Vice President. This proves to be the most important addition and change to the company since Tom and Bonnie Blackmon take the reigns of the company back in 1969. With Tom Sr. and Thomas Jr. working side by side, Blackmon Auctions experiences the beginning of a growth in business that has lasted until the present. Billy Hartnedy is placed in charge of the marketing and organization of the 25 year old Contractors’ Auction held in Little Rock twice each year.

1998 – Under the direction of Tom, Bonnie and Thomas, Blackmon Auctions builds a 70-Acre Auction Complex to conduct larger Equipment and Truck & Trailer Auctions in Little Rock, serving customers from all over the mid-south and mid-west.

1999 – Blackmon Auctions is hired to conduct the auction for Preston Truck Lines in the central and northeast U.S.

2000 – The Blackmon Auction Complex is now home to Six Auctions each year One every two months and each year those sales grow to serve more customers from further and further away.

2002 & 2003 – Blackmon conducts the largest auction(logistically) in History. Consolidated Freightways 57 locations in 33 states.

2007 – Thomas Blackmon, with the blessing of Tom & Bonnie, purchases property in Muskogee, Oklahoma and begins construction on an auction yard to better serve our customers in this part of the country.

2008 – The construction is complete! The Blackmon Auctions Muskogee Complex Opens with the first auction being conducted on October 2.

2010 & Beyond – Continuing to grow and conduct the most exciting and profitable auctions in the country for our customers all over the world!

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